Vision Statement

Samana Group of Companies aspires to transform the entire concept individuals have in regards with the Service Industry. Our Vision is to endeavor for wholehearted satisfaction and Exceptional Customer Service. Samana Group of Companies stance innovation through collaboration, and continuously strive for excellence and quality giving its customer the best service experience.

Mission Statement

We craft and deliver novel, iconic expansions in our home arcade. Our mission is to progressively diversify into further markets so as to replicate our proven business models. We live with our mission every day, engaged with diversity, utilizing knowledge and technology, and modernization through teamwork so as to surpass industry standards.


    Abdullah Al HajKunal SinghMuhammad Ali
  • "I spent over one year researching companies as I had heard many bad stories from our community in Iraq. The confidence AAA Associates displayed to complete my application made my decision for me. Everything that they promised, they delivered. They still provide great support and advice after delivering me my passport."
    Abdullah Al Haj
  • "My experience with AAA Associates was very simple and professional. I chose AAA Associates over the competition because they showed attention to detail alongside strong professional ethics. The after-service I received once I had received my passport was excellent. I highly recommend AAA."
    Kunal Singh
  • "I was recommended by my business partner to use AAA Associates. My family and I are now holding Hungarian residency. I was impressed by the Customer Service approach they follow. The team was also well equipped and knowledgeable. I comfortably recommend them."
    Muhammad Ali

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