Dominica Economic Citizenship by Investment

Dominica is an independent island Commonwealth in the Caribbean Sea, and is the northernmost of the Winward Islands in the Lesser Antilles Archipelago. It was originally settled by the French, and then the British, which is why English remains the official language, with Dominican Creole French as a secondary vernacular. The country is also home to the only remaining pre-Columbian population in the eastern Caribbean, a community of around 3,000 Carib Indians.

The country is around 290 square miles and predominantly consists of rainforest, with 365 rivers and many waterfalls and springs. It is also home to Boiling Lake, the second largest hot spring in the world, as well as a number of protected areas where many species that were thought to be extinct can be found. There are three national parks in Dominica, including the World Heritage Site Morne Trois Pitons, as well as Morne Diablotin and Cabrits. There are also sandy beaches in the northeast Calibishe area that are popular with tourists.


Why Choose Dominica?

Business immigrants can avail themselves of the huge travel convenience offered by Dominican Passport Program, ranked as one of the most affordable ‘citizenship by investment program’. Dominica grants Economic Citizenship for a donation to the government and the country’s rainforests, and which was established in 1993. Successful applicants are granted a passport and receive naturalized citizenship. The application process takes around four to six months to complete.



  • Dual citizenship is recognized under the program.

  • There are no residency or personal visit requirements to gain citizenship.

  • Non-residents who gain citizenship under the program are charged any tax.

  • Lifetime citizenship is irrevocable once granted.

  • Citizens can travel to 112 countries, including the UK, without a visa.

Qualifying Criteria

  • Applicant must make the required investment in either real estate or contribution to the Government Fund.

  • The applicant must be healthy.

  • The applicant must have no criminal record.

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