United Kingdom Program

The UK is a sovereign state that consists of the counties of Great Britain, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland. It has a temperate climate and experiences rain throughout the year. Its main manufacturing industries include the aerospace, automotive and pharmaceutical industries. Agriculture also plays a leading role in the UK’s economy, with the sector producing some 60% of the country’s food requirements. In addition, the UK is a global leader in scientific research and development, with many of the country’s universities setting up science parks to facilitate collaboration with industry. A number of leading scientific journals, such as The Lancet and Nature, are published in the UK.


Why Choose UK?

The UK Immigrant Investor Program provides offers high net-worth individuals a residency permit for making the required investment, with higher investments being granted residency more quickly. UK residents enjoy a wide range of benefits as well as having the privilege of living in one of the world’s most advanced economies.



  • Full rights to work and live in the UK.

  • Access to one of the world’s best public health care services for free.

  • The right to attend the country’s world class schools, universities and colleges.

  • The right to travel visa-free to 156 countries.

Qualifying Criteria

  • Have access to 200,000 pounds investment capital.

  • Be able to support yourself while staying in the UK.

  • Meet the minimum requirements for English proficiency.

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